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New Clients

TC Hair Studio is not taking new guests at this time.

We appreciate all the love and support of our Vancouver community, will continue to provide excellent service to the guests who are currently booked with us. or have visited our salon in the past. Please, if you are a new client, and interested in working with us, check back summer of 2023 to see if our books are back open!

- TC Team

What Our Clients  Are  Saying About Us...

"Just had my hair colored and styled and I wanted to let everyone know how great this place is! I have been getting my hair done here for about 3 years now after seeing friend with the perfect ash blonde color I had been searching for, for years. I had to give it a try and haven't looked back. 

In the past, I was never unhappy with my hair color in the past but I was never really satisfied either because I wasn't able to find a blonde specialist who really knew how to give my hair what I wanted.. When I found TC Studio, I realized what was missing. They NEVER double book which I appreciate because they watch your hair closely to make sure you get the desired results. No double-booking also means no rushing either, which is another reason why I appreciate this place.  

The salon uses natural products and they educate me along the way on how to get/maintain healthier hair.  My hair is now night and day healthier than it was three years ago and I thank TC Studio for it.  I'm lucky this place is 2 minutes from my home, a big plus however I would travel to receive these results.

Side Note: I don't know first hand about men's haircuts but every-time I am in there, they seem to have a good amount of men also getting their haircut at this place. In case you are a guy looking for a place close to home... 

Great studio, highly recommend.."

-Janet K

"Best experience I have had with trusting someone with my hair. Kept me informed during the process as well as wanted to achieve the best results and keep my hair healthy. Honest with the timeline it will take to reach my hair color goal. Great overall experience, cannot wait to come back!"

- Courtney J

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